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Using WordTune, you can rewrite documents and expand or shorten your articles using artificial intelligence. The application is free, but additional features can be unlocked by purchasing a monthly subscription.

Features of the WordTune Free Premium Account

Article Shorten

Article Expender

Words Finder

Casual Tone

Formal Tone

Pros And Cons

Although WordTune has so many good features, it has one disadvantage; its price is too high compared to other software programs.

Comparatively, WordTune costs 25 dollars per month, which is too high compared to other software with fewer features. The price includes a premium experience and two additional features, Words Finder and Examples.


A Wordtune Chrome Extension allows you to do many exciting things. With the extension installed, you no longer need to type out commands individually. Rather than having to proofread your work regularly in the business world, you can rewrite it anytime from the comfort of your own home. Your personality will be enhanced by it.

As writing assistants become more proficient, wordtune can be utilized in various ways. The popularity of this application has grown so much that Microsoft has even developed a similar application called Wordsmith to compete. Wordtune allows writers to rewrite documents like a word processor would so they can try out new ways to communicate ideas.

Wordtunes are one of the most effective tools for teaching people how to write. It is very powerful to have your own wordtune for WordPress themes, which is why you want to do so. Any existing word document can be transformed into a completely new experience for your readers by changing a few things here and there.

It could be rewriting a paragraph, creating a list, rephrasing a sentence, or grouping several words to alter the meaning. To personalize your document, you can use a wordtune to make small changes.

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Your wordtune can be used to rewrite multiple sentences at once as soon as you have set it up. The Spanish language can be rewritten using a wordtune theme if you have a document that is written in Spanish. Your readers will benefit from this approach. Furthermore, when they read this document, they will better understand how sentences are structured and how language is spoken. Students can master new sentences or sections of poems or essays by following a wordtune rewrite suggestion.

Besides not requiring installation, wordtune extensions do not require any fees to be used. The free version lets you practice without paying anything. In addition, you may always request a particular extension. It is free to download the premium version as long as you agree to receive future free versions in the future.

The advanced feature AutoShuffle allows you to shuffle your documents automatically without losing any of their contents. This is an excellent feature if you work with a lot of paper. You can sort your documents based on date, size, style, location, and font with WordTune. This combination of features enhances the quality of your writing.

WordTune’s advanced features will help you accomplish all your writing tasks quickly and efficiently. As WordTune requires no prior writing experience, you’ll be able to take advantage of all its features quickly.

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